A variety of everyday experiences - some good, some bad - from an adolescent’s perspective. Good times are getting the birthday present you wanted, and having a wonderful day out. On ‘not so good’ days everything seems to go wrong, and the way you are treated just isn’t fair. These simple narratives look at the emotions good and bad times generate, and how to deal with negative responses to the bad times.

Supports the ASDAN Transition Challenge and Towards Independence Life Skills courses.

  • 4 engaging readers with age-appropriate content, text and illustrations

4 Readers
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A Bad Day The Best Present… Ever! A Great Day Out That’s Not Fair!

Readers available separately. See below.

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Ups and Downs - Readers Pack 1 copy of each of the 4 readers 978-1-908119-21-6 £19.00
A Bad Day Single copy 978-1-905579-04-4 £4.99
A Bad Day Pack of 6 978-1-905579-14-3 £28.50
The Best Present... Ever! Single copy 978-1-905579-50-1 £4.99
The Best Present... Ever! Pack of 6 978-1-905579-51-8 £28.50
A Great Day Out Single copy 978-1-905579-09-0 £4.99
A Great Day Out Pack of 6 978-1-905579-19-8 £28.50
That’s Not Fair! Single copy 978-1-905579-52-5 £4.99
That’s Not Fair! Pack of 6 978-1-905579-53-2 £28.50