This series looks at some difficult issues faced by teenagers – sexuality, personal hygiene, body image, social drinking, following fashion trends, developing self-confidence, and asserting their independence. The six simple readers introduce all these subjects from a teenager’s perspective, providing excellent discussion starters. The supporting interactive activities give plenty of opportunities for students to learn more about these important issues and how they impact on their own lives.

SEN Press titles for 14-19 year olds have special relevance to the ASDAN award programmes ‘Transition Challenge’ (both old and new versions) and ‘Towards Independence’.

Teen Issues Complete Set
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An economical way to buy the complete series:

  • 2 copies of each of the 6 readers
  • Teacher Book of notes and worksheets
  • CD-ROM of e-books and whiteboard resources
  • 6 readers (with e-book versions and real-voice audio tracks)
  • 12 Related interactive activities to reinforce the life skills introduced in the readers
  • Teacher’s notes and 48 worksheets using the readers as a resource to practice literacy skills
  • Feedback and assessment
    sheets included

6 Readers
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Emma and Laura Going to the Pub Jake is Gay Matt Gets Wise Speaking in Public The Tattoo

Readers available separately. See below.

Worksheets &
Teachers’ Resources

  • Page-by-page notes for all the readers
  • Worksheets and assessment resources for all 6 readers:
    • * Words & Pictures
    • * Picture Search
    • * Keyword Flashcards
    • * Wordsearch
    • * Spot the Difference
    • * How Well Did You Read?
    • * Feedback Sheet
    • * Student Record Sheet

6 E-Books

  • E-book versions of all 6 readers on CD-ROM - ideal for whiteboard presentations
  • Edit and save the text to make your own story, create differentiated texts, personalise with students’ names and more
  • Print out your own versions
  • Listen to the text - clear readings by real people

12 Interactive

  • Differentiated ‘Missing Words’ activities for each book
  • ‘True or False?’ or ‘Multiple Choice’ quiz for each reading book
  • For use on whiteboards and computers (Mac and PC)
  • Download a catalogue for more information on these activities

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Whiteboard Resources, Worksheets and Notes
Teen Issues - Activity Pack Teacher Book of notes and worksheets, and CD-ROM of whiteboard resources 978-1-908119-11-7 £89.00 + £6.50 VAT
Teen Issues - Readers Pack 1 copy of each of the 6 readers 978-1-908119-22-3 £28.50
Emma and Laura Single copy 978-1-905579-99-0 £4.99
Emma and Laura Pack of 6 978-1-908119-00-1 £28.50
Going to the Pub Single copy 978-1-908119-01-8 £4.99
Going to the Pub Pack of 6 978-1-908119-02-5 £28.50
Jake is Gay Single copy 978-1-908119-03-2 £4.99
Jake is Gay Pack of 6 978-1-908119-04-9 £28.50
Matt Gets Wise Single copy 978-1-908119-05-6 £4.99
Matt Gets Wise Pack of 6 978-1-908119-06-3 £28.50
Speaking in Public Single copy 978-1-908119-07-0 £4.99
Speaking in Public Pack of 6 978-1-908119-08-7 £28.50
The Tattoo Single copy 978-1-908119-09-4 £4.99
The Tattoo Pack of 6 978-1-908119-10-0 £28.50