Simple narratives about challenging tasks undertaken by young people without help. Catching a bus to school and choosing the right brand of tea at a supermarket demand both skill and nerve when you do them by yourself for the first time. The simple narratives in the Everyday Challenges readers record the Challenges of individual young people as they rise to the challenge of everyday tasks that don’t always go according to plan. The books are supported by a wide range of interactive resources.

Supports the ASDAN Transition Challenge and Towards Independence Life Skills courses.

Everyday Challenges Complete Set
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An economical way to buy the complete series:

  • 2 copies of each of the 6 readers
  • Teacher Book of notes and worksheets
  • CD-ROM of e-books and whiteboard resourcess
  • 6 readers (with e-book versions and real-voice audio tracks)
  • 15 related interactive activities to practice the life skills introduced in the readers
  • Teacher’s notes and 48 worksheets using the readers as a resource to practice literacy skills
  • Feedback and assessment
    sheets included

6 Readers
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Learning to Speak Up Moving On to College Shopping for Clothes Shopping for Mum Swimming a Length Travelling by Yourself

Readers available separately. See below.

Worksheets &
Teachers’ Resources

  • Page-by-page notes for all the readers
  • Worksheets and assessment resources for all 6 readers:
    • * Words & Pictures
    • * Picture Search
    • * Keyword Flashcards
    • * Wordsearch
    • * Spot the Difference
    • * How Well Did You Read?
    • * Feedback Sheet
    • * Student Record Sheet

6 E-Books

  • E-book versions of all 6 readers on CD-ROM - ideal for whiteboard presentations
  • Edit and save the text to make your own story, create differentiated texts, personalise with students’ names and more
  • Print out your own versions
  • Listen to the text - clear readings by real people

15 interactive

  • Engaging activities that practice real-life skills and are closely related to the content of the books
  • Crossing the road, handling dinner money, exercise and healthy living, tips for clothes shopping and much more
  • For whiteboards and computers (Mac and PC)
  • Download a catalogue for more information on these activities

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Making Sense of Money, Work Experience and Relationships

£139.00 + VAT
978-1-905579-62-4 (Save 10%)
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Whiteboard Resources, Worksheets and Notes
Everyday Challenges - Activity Pack Teacher Book of notes and worksheets, and CD-ROM of whiteboard resources 978-1-905579-56-3 £89.00 + £6.50 VAT
Everyday Challenges - Readers Pack 1 copy of each of the 6 readers 978-1-908119-18-6 £28.50
Learning to Speak Up Single copy 978-1-905579-40-2 £4.99
Learning to Speak Up Pack of 6 978-1-905579-41-9 £28.50
Moving on to College Single copy 978-1-905579-36-5 £4.99
Moving on to College Pack of 6 978-1-905579-37-2 £28.50
Shopping for Clothes Single copy 978-1-905579-25-9 £4.99
Shopping for Clothes Pack of 6 978-1-905579-27-3 £28.50
Shopping for Mum Single copy 978-1-905579-05-1 £4.99
Shopping for Mum Pack of 6 978-1-905579-15-0 £28.50
Swimming a Length Single copy 978-1-905579-26-6 £4.99
Swimming a Length Pack of 6 978-1-905579-28-0 £28.50
Travelling by Yourself Single copy 978-1-905579-00-6 £4.99
Travelling by Yourself Pack of 6 978-1-905579-10-5 £28.50